Simple Sunday Salad

Salads are my go-to and when done right, they can be super quick and super tasty.

Today I accidentally loaded my salad up with all of the colors of the rainbow:

Red – Onions (or are these purple?) and tomatoes

Orange – Carrots

Yellow – Corn

Green – Spinach and avocado

Blue/Violet – Grapes

Would kalamata olives be considered purple as well? They look purple to me.

I topped the salad with Mrs. Leonard’s fat free balsamic dressing, which is pretty much the only dressing I eat these days.

All together the salad was 6 points and it was so good I didn’t stop eating it until it was gone.

I want to start prepping salads to have on hand, and I’m going to try to at least double each salad I make so that the next time I want a quick salad, it’s right there waiting for me.

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