These are a Few of my Favorite Quick Meals

I love putting quick meals together. The meals with no plan, and lots stuff thrown together.

Yesterday I had two of those.

The first was breakfast.

Potatoes, riced veggies, egg whites, topped with salsa. So quick, so easy, and soooo good.

Next was lunch.

Veggies with olives and an English muffin. I ate half of the English muffin right away cause I was super hungry, and the other half I tore up and threw in the veggies for an impromptu panzanella salad.

When I’m on track, I’m throwing random veggies and other foods together, because I know they are healthy and I know they’ll satisfy my cravings.

I definitely don’t eat as creatively when I’m eating garbage.

What are some weird food combinations that you find yourself creating?

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