Hello Fresh – Mediterranean Baked Veggies

I made my first Hello Fresh meal this week, and the depth of flavor was so layered, every bite was perfection.

The dish was Mediterranean Baked Veggies and it consisted of couscous topped with baked veggies, feta cheese, and slivered almonds. Oh, and sprinkled with chives.

Since the meal was mostly veggies, one portion was only 6 points.

I don’t eat much pasta these days, and couscous is a nice alternative. It’s essentially pastina, which is a small pasta. And although the meal was titled Mediterranean, it had an Italian undertone.

The bowl was big enough to be filling, though I attribute that mostly to the amount of different flavors combined into each spoonful.

I’ll definitely be making this meal again!

If you’re interested in trying Hello Fresh, you can use this promo code: F6CCP6 for $40 off of your first order!

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