Good Snacks and Bad Snacks

On Friday, I spent the day at Terrificon, Connecticut’s largest comic con.

For breakfast, I had leftover pumpkin oats. They’re a little thick the day after.

Being out of the house all day can go two ways. If you pack a ton of healthy snacks, you’re good and have nothing to worry about. If you don’t pack snacks, there’s a 50/50 chance you’re going to eat something crappy.

Almonds are always a good choice, and 11 almonds is 2 points, which is not too bad.

I also found a peanut butter protein bar in my bag! Score!

When we got to the convention, I felt good. I had my bottle filled with water and was certain I’d be able to eat something healthy along the way.

After a few hours of walking and telling kids not to touch everything in their line of sight, I was exhausted and my body wanted sweet and salty.

In comes the chips and the brownie.

The brownie was gluten free, but honestly that has no bearing on calories or points.

Sun chips are technically better for you than potato chips, since they are baked, but they are still high up there with the calorie count.

All together I ate 20 points of snacks. A lot for the day, but by the time I got home I wasn’t hungry for dinner. I went over my points for the day, and ended it with 35 used.

Oh well, tomorrow’s another day.

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