9 Point Daily Harvest Oatmeal?! Pumpkin + Chai

I’m on a Daily Harvest kick, since I got my first delivery this week. It’s been hit or miss, with the first smoothie being a huge miss.

The second smoothie was also not great, but the third was on point. And my first harvest bowl was delicious.

Today, I tired the Pumpkin Chai Oat Bowl.

I was pretty surprised about the point count on this one. The whole thing would have been 18 points, 9 points per serving!

I don’t like cold overnight oats, so I cooked this right on the stove. I added extra water and some almond milk to bulk it up, since it I was going to divide it into two portions. By the time it was done cooking, I got some pretty respectable serving sizes.

I also added some walnuts, because I really can’t do oatmeal without a little crunch.

As I’ve been making these Daily Harvest meals I’ve been thinking about how I can make them from scratch in the future. The service is a bit pricey and the sodium levels are higher than I’d like.

This one will definitely be on my list of must-makes.

Today’s breakfast was 11 points. More than I usually eat for breakfast, but tasty enough to be worth it.

After an hour or so after breakfast I had some egg whites with Creamy Swiss and some everything seasoning, for some extra protein.

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