Creamy Steel Cut Oats with Blueberries and Almonds

I love steel cut oats. When I was growing up my only exposure to oatmeal was the little powdery, sugary, packets. And I hated them. They literally made me gag. Ugh I can still feel it in the back of my throat.

I thought I hated oatmeal until I was in my 20’s and started making it from scratch. And then when I discovered steel cut oats, my whole oatmeal life was thrown upside down.

Recently I’ve started making steel cut oats a little differently and I love them even more.

I start with two cups of water, boiling on the stove. I add one cup of steel cut oats and cook until thick and creamy.

I used to 1:1 ratio water to oats, but let me tell you, 2:1 makes way creamier oats. I can’t believe it honestly.

Next I’m going to try one cup of water, one cup of almond milk, one cup of oats, and two chopped bananas.

Blueberries and almonds are a classic oatmeal combination for me, and it never lets me down.

I scarfed while I worked and it kept me full to lunch.

How do you eat your oats?


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