Daily Harvest Cherry Almond Smoothie

I tried my first Daily Harvest smoothie today. I also threw out my first Daily Harvest smoothie.

I wanted so badly to love this smoothie. It was super easy and it looked amazing.

Just fill the cup with liquid, I used almond milk.

Drop it in the blender.

Add some more liquid cause it’s too thick to blend properly.

And poof, you’ve got your smoothie!

Look at how delicious it looks!

I took one sip and thought, huh, that aftertaste is a bit vommity. Maybe it’s just me. After all I’ve never eaten Sacha Inchi, maybe that has a funky taste.

No one on the internet seems to think it tastes funky.

I gave it two more sips and then trashed it. Even just a little vommity, is too vommity.

Also, this smoothie was ten points! Which is a lot for a meal, and even more for a drink.

Needless to say, I won’t be ordering this flavor again.

I tried the Chocolate Hazelnut smoothie today as well, after I trashed this one, and it was not great. I would have drank it anyway, cause it wasn’t terrible but it was 9 points! And that is 9 points per serving, of which there were two in one cup.

Me and Daily Harvest are not off to a great start. But I’ve got ten more to try, and I’m staying hopeful.

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